In his sixth report as the Coordinator General of Remote Indigenous Services, Brian Gleeson gives unprecedented attention to community development approaches.  Significantly, Brian Gleeson is now calling on FaHCSIA to progress a development modality, inclding a “community development pilot based on practice guidelines” in one of the priority Remote Service Delivery (RSD) sites (Recommendation 10).

Following on from the watershed swing in the Indigenous vote in the Northern Territory, and the Country Liberal Party signalling its reform of the Super Shires towards more local representation, Gleeson has also turned up the heat on governance.  Recommendation 9 calls for the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations to develop a strategy to build corporate goverance capability, include a web portal for training providers, resources and support.  More strongly, Recommendation 11 calls on FaHCSIA to evaluate its perfomance in capacity development of both government staff and community organisations, and whether services are now more integrated and effective in meeting community needs.